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Thread: SOLD: childs SB

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    SOLD: childs SB

    I have a Integral Designs Assiniboine Youth sleeping bag for sale. It has Primaloft insulation fill. It weighs about 1lb 6oz,has some type of nice med purple color ripstop shell,rated for I think 30deg,for children up to4'4",it has a center zip about 16" long and a stuff sack. I got it a few years back as a emergency SB when we were traveling around. It was the best and lightest I could find at the time. I don't think she ever used it. If so only a couple of times playing around in the RV so its like brand new. She has out grown it. Its just barely to short for us to use as a top quilt and is to nice (to me) of a childs SB to cut up as a bottom quilt. But if I can't get a reasonable price out of it I guess I would cut it up. I tried looking on Integral Designs site and it wouldn't come up. Don't know if they quit making them. I don't remember how much I paid for it but found them listed at a couple of places for $130-$137. I would like to offer it for $80 shipped to give it a home and put to good use.

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    I've been looking for another kids SB, hopefully it's still around when I get some cash! If not I'm sure that it will keep some deserving child nice and warm!!

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    Thank you so much. We got the sleeping bag yesterday. It is awesome and will work perfectly for our littlest. Thanks again.
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