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    Top Insulation for Colorado in July

    I'm going with my son on a high adventure scout trip to Colorado in late July. We'll be in 8000+ elevation (planning to summit a fourteener one of the days) for a week. I'm struggling to decide what bag/quilt to take for that time of year at that elevation. Our current bags are Big Agnes 20 degree synth bags that are bulky and heavy and take up too much room in my pack.

    I'm very interested in Mac's threads about IX and its use as a TQ/bag. However, I don't have much experience with a thread injector.

    I typically sleep pretty cold, and my son just sleeps like the dead. I swear that boy would sleep the same in 0 degree or 100 degree weather or through a nuclear explosion. Must be nice...

    Anyway, any ideas on what temp rating I should go for or whether the IX option would be a good first diy thread injector attempt?

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    I (a warm sleeper) usually take a summer quilt during July at those altitudes. Genuine Draft (a cold sleeper) usually takes a winter quilt for the same trip. It can get pretty cool up there, even during the dead of summer. Guess my suggestion would be a 3-season quilt of some type.

    I agree, Mac's IX stuff looks interesting. But, having not used it I can't say if it would be the right choice or not. Down works great in Colorado since we have no real humidity, but it ain't cheap.
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    Can't comment on the IX b/c I haven't used it, but I plan to take either a full 3-season quilt, or a summer quilt with a back-up jacket, when I go. You might need the jacket in the mornings or on the 14'er anyway...

    FWIW, it was well over 60F two days ago and yesterday it snowed...I'm only at 7000'. It usually snows here in June.

    And if you go light and end up getting cold, just cook up a hot water bottle and you'll be comfy.
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