So after trying to hang on whoopies/strap style suspension this Friday night and failing. Not due to equipment error, but to user error. I attached my whoopies to the hammock incorrectly. <face palm>

After looking at some pics and talking with Paul at AHE, I figured out what I had done. I used the 1'' fixed end that is for adjustment purposes to attach to my BB not the 6'' fixed end. I was able to lay in the hammock with all my errors but was not willing to try and sleep that way all night as I could not adjust the suspension properly.

However even with my installation error, Kayakkarl and I began to brainstorm and ponder some possibilities for the Dutch clip/strap part of the suspension.

Here is a standard Dutch Clip on the end of a tree strap.

Now this is what I am thinking about for a modification so that the every sought after Dutch clip can't be lost.

I am thinking that if you drilled the Dutch Clip, pass some Zing it through the hole, tie a keeper knot to keep the clip from falling off. Take the free end of the zing it/lash it and tie it through the fixed loop of the tree strap.

Karl had suggested that you could sew a line of stitches in the loop next to the Dutch Clip to keep it in place.

So here are my questions to the more experienced hammockers out there.

1. Would it comprise the strength of the clip to drill a small hole through it?

2. If drilling is ok would you drill or sew?

3. On a some what related topic do you think it is ok to girth hitch the none clip end of your tree strap to your whoopie sling thus eliminating the need for a toggle?

I welcome the debate and insight.