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    Hammocks for pammered pets

    Hi All,

    I know my son said there had been some discussion of this topic, but I can't find that thread.

    I have a almost 16 year-old Golden that had a stroke a year ago and has been valiantly struggling to survive since. I am gone 14 hours a day and he can no longer turn himself or get up, so started developing pressure sores. My son had suggested I build him a hammock but I was concerned he would flop out. It got to the point where I had to do something, so two weekends ago I made a try. It lasted two days - but when I had to move him back to the eggcrate he cried. So last weekend I spent the weekend redesigning and rebuilding him another hammock stand. This time studier using ceder 1.5" X 1.5" posts with (2) 3" screws attaching each piece and 5" steel braces inside and outside each corner (16), eyehook screws and lead pipe, rubber foot stoppers on the ends of the pipes, then open weave stretchable cotton fabric lined with canvas where I created a loop to slide over the pipes.

    Have been using for a week. He loves it. Is sleeping better (which means after a year I am getting to sleep better), and his decubitus are healing. Other advantage is since he is incontinent, it allows the urine to go to blue pads below without him having to lie in it all day and the fabric dries quickly. My cats like it too. I know his time is short and this cost, but would do it again and only wish I had done it earlier. Would advise for anyone with older pets suffering joint pain.

    Am posting a couple of pics - cammo & tropical prints, and yes one of one of the cats.
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