So Last year early (before AHE) I came across a neat little gizmo that was supposed to be out in the future that I thought I was very interested in. The PEG Personal Energy Generator.

The simple details are that you hang the thing off you or your pack --even put it inside vertically and your movement makes little parts inside (I said simple right) move around and that movement is turned into power. Plug in your Ipod, cell phone or any thing else that has a rechargeable battery and your motion charges the device. They say that it will charge a dead Ipod or similar equipment to about 80% in about 1 hour of walking.

Basic Specs:

Size: 9' tall, Top & Bottom Cylinders: 1'" diameter, Center Cylinder: 1.5" diameter
Weight: 9 oz.
Color: Green

So just an hour ago I got an email that it is about to be released for sale and emailed them about dealer options and hope to hear back soon. But in the mean time if I can get them would any one be interested? They are supposed to retail at about $150.