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    Talking DIY Jerry #5 Hammock ...

    Well I had a great weekend ... got my DIY tarp done and almost have my DIY Jerry #5 hammock completed. Just need to finish up my whoopie slings and I'll post pictures of it flying. Maybe today ... more likely tomorrow.

    As it is ... she's just lolly gagging on the conference room table!

    I used 1.9 Olive brown Ripstop from Speer for the bottom ... also used bug netting from Speer as well. For the panels I used some leftover 1.1 Marpat Ripstop. I used two Quest #5 loop zippers with double pulls. Yeah I went for two zippers on this. Only added around 3 oz for the the extra zip. The whole thing without suspension only weighs 21.9 oz ... so that's good to me!

    Had a major malfunction in the clutch of my nearly 30 year old thread injector and after an hour of trying to repair it got on the iPhone and did a quick search of local stores! Another hour and a half later ... I'm back injecting!

    So ... it's definitely not up to Jerry standards ... but like the man himself told me "a crooked seam is as strong as a straight one"!

    It's going to the gorge with me this month!

    Thanks a million to Jerry for answering a million questions from me on this design of his. I really appreciate it.
    Yeah ... it's got a bunch of oops in it. I got in a rush to complete it and that doesn't work ... so I figure I'll just have "to make me anuther one" down the road! This time Jerry I'll get the nerve to do the 1/4 bias instead of wimping out and going with the 1/2" like I did!
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