Hi fellow hangers. I'm psyched, getting my pack all set to leave Friday for Hoh River hike from about sea level to the Blue Glacier on Mt. Olypus in Olympic National Park! (subject to last minute changes, for weather, etc. Possibly Glacier Peak Wilderness or Lake Chelan in North Cascades).

What are the various methods here to make use of the ridgeline loops on the HH? I'm about to attach some skinny spectra to them hoping to be more adjustable. Do most of you guys just hang directly to them, or does anybody have an adjustable line attached to the HH inside loop?

I have hung directly to them before, but then the load either ends up hanging outside the hammock, or, if inside, sliding down a little into the sleeping area. Same with the head end, and the supplied net storage sack, all slides towards me. I'm just looking for some ideas, I suspect there are some good ones available.

Also, have you guys noticed any stretch difference between the suspension spectra ropes and 1" Speer 800lb webbing? Or how about with the Harborfreight 1" 1500lb webbing? It might be in my head, but it seems like since I put the Speer webbing on the footend ( already had Speer 1st, the HF, on the head), I am getting more stretch.

Of course, if there actually is more stretch, another variable is: On the head end, I changed the stock 1600 lb rope and subbed the 1900lb spyderline. Last night, being in a hurry, I just used the stock rope to the buckle. I doubt it is the rope, though, as I had already been using the stock rope with nylon cleat/biner/1.5" tree hugger on the foot, with buckle/webbing on the head, without thinking I had increased sag(stretch).

Anyway, has anyone noticed any increased stretch?

Thanks in advance for any tips!