I hear a lot of talk about the different supports you can use for you hammock.

I see Spectra Cord mentioned a bunch, yet I have no idea what it is (it's cord duh) and kinda doubt some nearby store has it.

Webbing is basically something you can get at a fabric store correct? If so that would be fine, but I'm not sure what kind of weight those things can hold.

550 Paracord. Easily obtainable, cheap, and with a little knot knowledge should be fine.

I hear a bunch of people breaking their paracord, like Mr. Jeff from his website. This seems kinda weird to me because myself and friends have used some pretty crappy stuff and it did fine. I probably weigh around 180lbs so maybe I just weigh less than some of these people.

For example: I once used a really crappy hammock (cost $6.09) and it used some generic string that didn't feel so strong and boy did it make noise when you get in the hammock. It held up just fine and such with me swinging in it.

So when I hear people breaking this and that I chuckle since I've used probably some of the worst stuff. I always get a little nervous though cause who wants to be stuck in the mountains with weak supports for your hammock.

What do you guys think? Am I stressing or is something greater taking place?