This forum is the best, I think. My wife on the other hand --- watch your spending at Fabric Depot and Joann's.
I want to thank all you up front for the ideas, the encouragement given to others and just the wealth of ideas. It seems like most of the time, me included, people just keep plodding along doing things the same way. But on this forum group new things are tried and results are given, good or bad. Now I,m new at forum posting, never have but when I saw someone post about getting away from pins, and about how to make a catenary arch with beads or line --- very neat.
Best wrap this up or the Mod. will be on me.
I'm 58, retired from heavy truck repair (CF) spend most of my time out doors around Mt.Adams and Goat Rocks.
I have a question about pullout placement that are located up on the side wall of the tarp I'm making. Hammock is done, thanks to you guys. Now I need to finish my tarp.
Thanks again. Bob Cisney