So I just ordered a Summer Burrow and Summer Ptarmigan for my summer set up. Adam (Stormcrow) is a great guy, he spent half hr on the phone with me discussing (in his words in a pm to me) "Let us engage in discussing the nuances of your next perfect set of quilts!" And yes their is no other way IMHO to descirbe his quilts but perfect. He did a great job on my Winter Burrow and Winter Ptarmigan (use those between 0-35) so I cant wait to see how he's going to keep me cool during the summer months while im hanging in my hammock.
The TQ will have apx 8 oz of down and the UQ with have between 6-7 oz of down. Useing the 900fp so im very xited to see if I can notice the difference between 800 FP (my winter set up) and 900 FP (the new quilts). He said the baffles are going to be around 3/4 to 1 inch in loft. And is going to use his expertise to fill it enough to prevent shifting of down, but not to tight where it defeats the weight savings and coolness of a summer quilt. I reallly like how he explained the no sew through foot box to help maxiumize warmth. I was contenplating the snaps but decided against them after he explained this new design to me. I was also a bit concerned about wear and tear over the coures of many years of snapping and unsnapping. I really like the pillow of down by my feet to keep them nice and cozy. I am planning on useing these quilts for 40 and up, and between my winter quilts and my new summer quilts I am expencting to be able to have a much wider range of comfortable temps in my hammock. I know we discuss on here all the time about how low of temps we can sleep in but what about how high of temps we can sleep in? Ok im just excited and wanted to rambel a bit. Does any one else have a summer quilt from Adam? Or experience with summer quilts in general? I think the ones I ordered are going to be some of the first ones that he is makeing for the summer temps. I cant wait to get them out on the Long Trail this summer (Leaving mid June) and I will for sure be posting pics once I get them. Just want to thank you storm crow for you excellent products and supurb customer service. I will be anxiously awaiting my quilts. Thanks again Adam for all your help over the phone last night and thanks HF for truley makeing me a gear junkie.