I don't imagine that this is news to anyone who's been around here for a while, but I just wanted to say how impressed I am with Paul and his company, Arrowhead Equipment. Yesterday morning I placed an order via his website. After I completed the transaction I remembered that I'd forgotten to order something. ****. Oh well - next time. Very shortly I got an email from Paul himself (not the PayPal confirmation) saying that he got my order, and letting me know that he should have it all together by Friday. Seeing as he emailed me, I replied asking if I could add-on to the order and submit another PayPal payment. He was happy to accommodate my request, and replied instantly - both to my question and after the transaction to confirm receipt. Today I got shipping notification for both orders (combined - but 2 orders according to PayPal).

That's ~24hr turnaround time for shipping and near instantaneous personal response upon order/follow up.

Now I'm just waiting on UPS, and looking forward to my new gear.

Thanks, Paul!