In an effort to stick with this thread's theme and still get my questions answered; you said the netting has more to do with the Asym shape than the cut or whipping. Granted, I haven't read all 199 posts in the Clone thread, but how would I determine the shape of the netting without taking apart my HH?

I'm thinking, build the hammock then hang it. Then temporarily attach the netting to one side, drape it over, make my marks on the netting, and then cut to size. Is that a good way to do it, or am I missing something?
I made a hammock based on this design as well, and have to admit that measuring the netting was the hardest part for me. I ended up just "winging it", cutting netting to fit as needed much more than I wanted to. I got in over my head, but the result turned out ok.

I measured from one end to the other, then the max width, then took measurements from where the tie-out points would be (asym). Then tried to cut the netting to conform to all of that. Then I draped over the hammock, made marks, sewed the velcro to the proper mesh shape, and went back again and nipped and cut until it fit better, then sewed the velcro on again, draped it over the hammock again, etc. There's GOT to be a much more logical way to do this. (I'm not a logical thinker, apparently).