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Humor the uneducated, about what rating would the 3 oz climashield have on it's own. How is your IX overcover rigged?

First off, this is with a top quilt, not under quilt. I have, however made the same thing with an under quilt. The IX overcover for my UQ (only 1layer IX) is just a rectangle, cinched at the ends like a reg. quilt, and attaches to the suspension of the climashield quilt. I think it would need multiple layers of IX to work effectively to the 20's. I was cool, not cold, using it alone. Had to supplement about midnight.

The top quilt worked fantastically, with no need to supplement.

A 3oz climashield quilt by itself should be good to 45-50*. More if you use proper clothing.

Here are a few pics. The IX overcover is basically the same design as the quilt, made just slightly smaller (causes the quilt to go into a "forced fluff"). IX overcover has two layers of insultex (IX). Overcover can be snapped to the quilt, along the edges.
TQ-IX 6.jpg TQ-IX 4.jpg

This thread discusses it extensively.