Hello everyone this is MML ( The Man the Myth and the legend).
I am giving up backpacking via tenting and going with Hammock style backpacking. Now I have to choose a system. Working with a $200.00 budget, I am trying to figure out what will work best for me. I am 200lbs and 5ft.8" tall. I want to do mostly 3 season hiking with the hammock, but will not rule out some winter camping.
Man oh man, it is tuff to choose!! Hennessy hammocks, Hammock Bliss,or Eagles Nest Hammocks. The Clark is outside of my budget.
Most of these mentioned above will do fine. I just want to make sure I have good rain protection and the ability to keep my backside warm in my 30 degree plus mummy bag. Plus warmth on the occasional winter camping.
Been looking at this forum for two days--decision time will need to be soon!!
Any advice???