So this has to be the best source for information about hammock camping that I have found. I am excited to get into this and sleep so well when I am camping. I love to backpack and camp but I never sleep well. I worked at a summer camp in college and would sleep in a hammock down by the water and I slept like so well and never thought to bring a hammock when I went backpacking. Then I saw the advert for a clark NX-150 in backpacker magazine and a light bulb went on!

I can have a 3-4 season shelter lighter than most and sleep so much more comfortably! I'm in!

At this stage I am looking to get a Clark NX200 (which should fit my 6'9" frame) for my birthday/anniversary (May and June respectively) present from my wife. In the meantime I have ordered 100' of amsteel blue and am going to make some whoopie slings (what a genius idea) and I went to joann's fabrics and found some cheap stuff to practice on. Then I'll take a coupon and get some of their ripstop nylon and see where it goes from there.

Last week I took my Mayan hammock for a short trip into Palo Duro Canyon, Which they call "Grand Canyon of Texas," It is really heavy but I slept so well using my inflatable pad and sleeping bag. It is still quite chilly at night.

I can't wait to join the ranks of those hanging in DIY's and Clarks.

Thanks for all of the tips and advice!!!