I have previously converted to Hammocking - a Trek Light Double with a 9X9 "Neo Tarp". Since I wanted to have a no bug option I purchased a Claytor Jungle. (By the way if you can get the Jungle without a tarp and get the Sportsman's Guide Camo it is much better for not much weight).

I talked the wife into trying hammock camping on a BSA family camp this weekend. We were in the Pike National Forest at 8500 feet with low temps in the upper 30's low 40's. The Jungle hammock worked great for warmth (JRB under quilt and a quilt over me). However, the Claytor was not anywhere as comfortable as the Trek Light Double. Need some help.

I hang both the same way Spyderline to cinch buckle to strap wrapped around tree with a carabiner. (I ditched the nylon webbing that comes with the Claytor). The problem with comfort is that the Jungle hammock seems to be under more load in the center of the hammock than at the sides. This creates, almost, a ridge underneath you as I was in the hammock. I think this is a function of the design of the Claytor - which is basically a large rectangle with a 1 1/2 inch channel at the ends. I think this makes it shorter to the suspension line at the sides and longer (with greater load) towards the center. I think other designs avoid this in the whipping process (making the center longer than the sides pre-hanging. (Actually I am probably talking through my butt since I am a newbie - but that is what I have observed). Is this correct? If so what do I need to do differently to get rid of ridge in the bottom of the hammock? Don't say buy a Hennessy etc. I really like to the Claytor and it is already purchased.

I tried double wrapping sypderline and cinching the channel very tight (sort of whipping) - this helped but did not eliminate my problem. Anyone can help? Thanks in advance.