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Look in the rope/chain area. I think that's where I found them. You should also be able to find some of the figure 9 thingymabobs for your tarp while you're there.
I saw the figure 9 devices for sale at ****'s sporting goods. The smaller ones seemed too heavy to carry just for a tarp, and the larger ones said weight limit of 150 lbs. Pluse, the instructions on the package seem to depict the use of two ropes - one tied to your tarp and another tied to the tree. It would be nice to have an "inline" device that you wrap around the tree then back to the device - sort of like the hitchcraft but smaller.

I'm not sure about the forces on a hammock (and I know there is a thread going on about this) but I'd want some assurance from the manufacturer that their product will hold a 250 pound man in a hammock before I buy it. If the manufacturer doesn't know, I'm not going to be their crash dummy.