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    Women hammocking

    I talked my wife into joining me hanging at a BSA family camp this weekend. She got my Trek Light Double and I tried my brand new Claytor Jungle. It was in the Pike National Forest at 8500 feet with lows in the upper 30's. I went light with a JRB under and over quilt (very warm, but more about that elsewhere).

    My wife (in classic car camper traditon) went with a BA down air mat and a big bulky (warm) fleece camp bag. She was as warm as toast and mostly comfortable.

    However (you knew it was coming), she said she had a difficult time getting completely comfortable. She said her knees hurt (lack of support I think) and that the with the foot end slightly high, the head end slightly high, and level she could'nt stop the sliding feeling. She attributed it to her woman's lower (different) center of gravity.

    I don't have much experience in hammocks, but is there anyone out there who can help me get her more comfortable (Ladies?). I am taking my sons to another BSA campout next weekend and she said she would try again in the back yard. I have a high interest in making her comfortable since if she is in a tent I might be too (the horror and the pain!)

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