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    gargoyle, I'm personally a big fan of Tinny and his products and it gave me a lot just to see his honest approach to work, business and lifestyle in general. I edited the entry slightly, I hope it looks less venomous now.
    I was trying not to hurt anybody with my comment above. I believe Tinny won't hate me for writing this and the forums will stay a peaceful place.

    I just disagreed with the solution proposed by MikeSr39 - namely EU folks to buy and ship this particular stuff from US - and I wrote two good reasons for this, thats all.

    Dunno how MBDC should supply, I think Tinny himself knows it best. This are just not "recycled" pots (at least some of the pots aren't. I'd rather use recycled or DIY stuff wherever possible, but that is my way) - they are brand new from the shop, bought not as occasional containers for the buzz, but as pots. And they never have been in any usage cycle other than "as pots", just shipped to the shop with extra fluid.

    I think I'll start another help thread for EU folks searching for recycled pots, maybe someone has found something suitable I'm not aware of.
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    Hey stonecold did you ever get your hini pot?

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