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    Rings Setup

    After reading this list for several weeks, I took the plunge and bought a hammock (Claytor - Jungle). It arrived 3 days ago. I read all the posts (LOTS!) on rings and bought needed supplies yesterday. Assembled and hung for the very first time today. Seemed pretty solid. Sort of felt like I knew what I was doing after being on here and taking your expertise.

    When I hung it, I used two different methods/techniques. One one end I used the S____ rope; ran it through the end of the Claytor and tied off. Photo 1 if it uploads.

    On the other end I used the Larks Head method talked about and tied it to the Claytor webbing that came with the hammock. Photo 2 - I hope.

    It was pretty neat lying in it this morning here in Napa Valley. My question for you is ... Does one end look (in terms of function) better than the other? I didn't buy enough of the S___ rope and had to use what I had, but it looks like it might put too much pressure on the hammock end. Thoughts and suggestions appreciated.

    Will take it out again tomorrow (labor day) and hang some more. Still have not worked on fly yet and don't quite know what is meant by "ridgeline", but will continue to read here.

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