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    Quote Originally Posted by Dameon View Post
    I wonder if it was the same tick that Fulminated decided to spare! He thought it would be better just thump it off the chair rather than kill it, I think you should find Fulminated and thump him on the ear!!
    Find Fulminated? He was in "stealth mode" all weekend! I heard him, felt his presence amongst the camping area, and even heard people could smell him . . . but finding him? Thats a difficult task.
    “He doesn't know the meaning of the word fear, but then again he doesn't know the meaning of most words”
    - Bobby Bowden

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    Hey guys!!! Just wanted to say Hi to my SC brothers. I am ex military (Orginally from Greenwood) working for uncle sam now in VA. I know Lake Greenwood well but it has been years since I been there. I'm new to the hammock thing in fact I am making my first this week. Hope you guys have fun. Maybe when I travel home We can hook up for a weekend hang so you guys can teach me a thing or two.

    Good luck and Have fun!!!


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