Recently boating around Lake Greenwood with my in-laws and we circumnavigated Goat Island. Not very familiar with the lake or even Goat Island but I noticed that there are several designated campsites on the island (seems we would have to call to reserve a site). Obviously to me this island became suspect to the ever-growing destinations for a Hammock Forum Hang. Several questions would need to be answered prior to locking this in such as dates, how to get to Goat Island which can only be reached by a boat, and what would be the nearest public boat ramp we could use.

This is a very random thought I have had for 3 weeks now but the idea seems to be growing on others as well so I figured I would share my thoughts in the open arena for all to comment. Don't necessarily want to be the "ringleader" for this hang, just starting a conversation.

Any takers ???