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yeah warbonnet, sorry i should have been more clear - i meant if I could find a way to make the hammock itself more adjustable, then I making a ridgeline for it wasnt as big of a deal.

I was looking at pictures in the gallery - i've seen what I'm guessing is referred to as the Crazy Creek buckles....the flat metal piece with the middle flared out at an angle and you run webbing through it? It seems like a quick setup - quicker than tying a rope to a tree, getting in it, untying it, adjusting, retying....etc.

I just dont understand how they dont slip under load....but I failed physics, so for now I'll just settle for "its magic!"
You need to get yourself a pair and try them out. They dont slip. You can get them from here.
www.onrope1.com For some reason I cant pull up the 1" cinch buckles on the products page. Crazy Creek buckles were the original buckles that Just Jeff had specially ordered from Crazy Creek. They are both the same except for the color.