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    my first hang, please critique me

    pretty excited, i'm set up my hammock in my yard and this is the first time i set it up and the first time i'm going to sleep in it.

    i'm using a warbonnett blackbird, big mamba jamba tarp, and a single tarp ridgelne and guylines from opie. no uq or tq, just a north face 15 degree bag.

    i had a little trouble setting it up, it wasn't as easy as i thought it would be. First time i thought it was at a comfortable height, then when i got in i dropped down to where my butt was on the floor. i had to raise the suspension and tighten it, however now i have to stand on my tiptoes to get in (i'm 5'9", is that to short for hanging?)

    As for the tarp, i originally set it up like an A frame, but it was hot and a little closed in, so i propped one end with a pole and the other with a stick, then tightened the guyline down to the stake. Is that how its normally done?

    Anyway, i'd appreciate all criticisms on what i did wrong and what could be better.

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    It looks like you've hung your hammock a little too tight, due probably to the distance between your trees. Structural ridge lines notwithstanding, it is possible to overtighten a hammock, and adversely affect it's comfort.

    Try raising your tree straps above the tarp suspension, and see if you can't get a little bit more sag.

    The tarp looks good.

    With no insulation under you, you may be cold...take a pad, and have it handy, just in case.

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    I am with gringo, use that stick to push the straps up the tree a bit to increase the sag angle that and lowering the hammock a little at the same time will help. Seems wrong but it will drop less with those adjustments than it will if pulled tight. Tarp looks well pitched though.
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