Greetings everyone...a newbie here. I've just completed my fourth hang using the HH Ultralight A-sym, but had to be less tree friendly this trip due to failure of one of my stock tree huggers. It was beyond shock to experience such breakage during my slumber. The trip was only saved by the fact I was sleeping over flat ground and not the rocky ledge I first considered on my hike into the park. I ditched the huggers and tied back off directly to the trees, but didn't sleep as peaceful as before of course, wondering how much I would hurt the next day, and whether the spectra line would break next. I was wondering whether you experienced hangers have ditched the stock tree huggers due to reported failures such as mine, or is it just a matter of ease of setup. Also, any ideas of what I may have done to cause the failure would be appreciated (too much tension?). I weigh 180 lbs. and was using the recommended figure 8 tie off to the tree huggers. I can tell the other tree hugger was beginning to wear through and was close to failure as well. I'm hesitant to return them for replacement.