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Thread: weather cams

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    just got in from work & was catching up on the posts. i wasn`t on mitchel last night... that was information i got from the weather page from on top of mitchel (highest piont east of the mississippi). i was sitting in front of the computer screen, drinking moca when i got that info.
    if i had been on mitchel, the first thing i would have done is find a place protected from the wind (as much as possible) to set-up the hammock... that is, assuming i had a winter set-up i would trust in those temps. i could do it w/ stuff i have, but it wouldn`t be the lightest, most compact stuff to carry backpacking.
    the coldest nights i have spent in my hammock was 22 f, w/ only a slight breeze. but i plan to go colder this year.
    i would defanantly be interrested in cold weather trip if it`s in reasonable driving time (NC mountians, south west VA, or mabey east TENN).
    unfortunately, i`m limited in how much i can get away from work. i have weekends off, so i could do a sat night & mabey a fri night if it`s close enough.
    the mt mitchel weather cam is just a good way to get an idea what the weather is actualy like in an extream location & compare it to the current conditions at home. a lot of the weather reports given on line (even in mountian areas) are still not in tune with the higher, more exposed locations that a backpacker mite go. ....tim
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