Last weekend the night temps dropped down into the mid 40*F range with no real breeze. Wanting to see how cold this cold sleeper can take the summer synthetic (60*F) top quilt and WB Winter Yeti I packed it (total mass of ~30oz) along with my security blanket/camp upper body insulation (MontBell Thermawrap parka). Wearing the parka with this uq/tq combo was more than adequate. Ended up just using the tq to cover the lower part of the body. Forgot the foot pad. The bunched up tq under the lower legs kept the feet warm.

Probably will sell my go to tq (JRB Nest). I would be packing the parka with either tq. So it's no net weight gain. The summer tq is ~10oz lighter than the Nest. Now I'm wondering if the 3 Season Yeti would provide the warmth necessary to get by with the summer tq under similar conditions? The total quilt package would be sub 24oz!!