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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnyquest View Post
    it was just pointed out to me that this has already been talked about, complete with pics. a pox upon still working on screwing my courage to the sticking place.
    I've been very glad for my accident, so far.

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    Here's what I did when I cut my ridgeline.
    First I pinned 2 safety pins to the ridgeline at an even measure between them, something like 8 inches. Tied a bowline on one end and put on the small quick link mentioned earlier. You'll need some extra cord to add back in the length lost due to the knots. Tie the cord to the other end of the cut ridgeline. I used double fishermans knot to attach the 2 cords together. Then tie another bowline or loop in the end so when attached to the quick link it equals the right distance between safety pins.
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    ok, i set the hammock up, ready to cut the ridgeline and what do i find? the ridgeline comes out of the foot end as two lines, then ties off. what is going on?>

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    Quote Originally Posted by aerorider65 View Post
    Look at my gallery. There is a pic of the two clips that I used. I just cut the line near the foot end and then tied the two clip in with bowline knots. I could have used 1 clip and a biner, a biner and a loop of the string or a variety of other options. I happened to have theclips already.
    Thanks for this idea!!!

    I have been going back and forth over what to use for my newly cut (read: snapped) ridgeline. I didn't care for the local outfitters options, as I thought the 'biners were just too big (and pricey).

    I headed down to the hardware store last night and picked up two items. The first is a 3/8" Spring Snap rated for a 160 lb load limit, the other is a 3/16" Quick Link rated for 660" lbs. Total cost? $5.00. I don't know the exact weight, but it's no heavier than a couple of $9 biners from EMS.

    I'll give it a whirl once it stops raining up here- I have no problem backpacking in the rain, but when I'm testing at home, I have the luxury of waiting for some sunshine!

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