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    Tarp Tree Huggers and Continuous Ridgeline


    So, up here in the Rocky's we hang from pine and the associated sap.
    Because of it, I've kept my tree huggers in a plastic bag.
    Moving from attaching the tarp to the HH suspension, I don't want to attach my continuous ridgeline to the tree.

    I was thinking of using a 4' length of Dynaglide with eyes on both ends, and use it like a hugger. On the adjustable end, I was going to used a figure nine. I'm just not sure what to used the fixed end. Nacra biner, bowline, other suggestions? Looking ideas since I can't find the knot bone that Opie uses.

    And while I'm here. Do people still use tarp tensioners with a continuous ridgeline? I'm using penberthy prusiks to attach the tarp to the RL. Plan was to use a double loop of shock cord on one of the prusiks? Yay nay, or other suggestions?

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    Ching, you have to order direct from Nite Ize right now....

    But just about anything will work. Biner, toggle, trail stick.

    I wouldnt reccomend a tensioner on the RL itself. Generally you want to crank that relatively tight. Tensioners go in the guy lines if you have a nylon tarp. You can add a tensioner to one of the RL prusiks, but youll more than likely always be pulling it tight, which means its just added length.

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