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After two years of thinking about it I've ordered some .75 from Moujtainfitter and plan to try it next month when I get back from my hike. See the ghost hammock thread for that discussion.

Thanks Rock I will def check it out!

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The only one I have ever heard of that actually worked is Strung out's which you can see here.

I have been seriously considering making a hammock out of momentum though. I do know one person who made one successfully and has been using it for awhile.


Thanks I had seen that thread already (after I saw it in the video of you laying in it)!

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Just got back from Loyalsock, carrying two hammocks - my standard down insulated 1.9 oz. nylon and a new cuben adjustable made with CT1K.18. The first two nights were cold so I stuck with the known and trusted nylon hammock augmented with an overstuffed No Sniveler as an underquilt (I sleep cold - temps were in the mid twenties both nights.) The third night it was warmer, maybe 45 or more, so I used the uninsulated cuben hammock with the NS underquilt. (1) It was very warm. (2) More importantly, it was very comfortable. The 18 adjustable cords on each end really let me fine tune it to a shape that suits me. Others tried it and seemed impressed, though some (who are too tall) wanted it longer. One brave anonymous tester determined that it will hold 230 lbs. My next move will be to replace the 600 lb. spectra end cords with lighter spectra. I've used 130 lb test for similar adjustable hammocks in the past. The hammock currently weighs about 10 oz., with dynaglide suspension whoopies. The next step after that will be to insulate it with down, using a bottom layer and baffles of CT.03K.08. Projected final weight will be under 2 lb.
I would most def "LOVE" to check out this creation!

I have been giving some thought into making one as I can tape it as I have "NO" injector skills, and tape works better IMO!