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    Yet Another Suspension System

    Here's why I checked "Other" in the suspension poll:
    By utilizing just a single descending ring and one carabiner, which gathers the tree hugger ends, and incorporating a clove and a modified trucker's hitch, I've conceived of a system that is secure, light, easily adjustable and quick to tie/untie.
    Pic #1 The ring is attached to the suspension line via a clove hitch.
    Pic #2 Tag has been run through the carabiner, back to the ring and then wrapped around the line. By pushing on the hammock side of the ring while pulling on the tag, considerable force can be applied to the line; be careful.
    Pic #3 Another wrap, forming bight.
    Pic #4 Tighten second wrap and create a second loop.
    Pic $5 Bring tag through second loop.
    Pic #6 Tighten second loop and push it up behind the first loop. Run tag back towards hammock to form drip tag.

    To loosen, place finger behind second loop and slide it back down over first loop. Pull the tag back through the second loop, tug and the entire knot/lash will relax.

    This works well with the original HH suspension line and should be as equally adaptable to other diameters.
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