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    Thermarest Tech blanket

    Does anyone have experience with the thermarest tech blanket?

    I was browsing REI since they're currently offering 20% off for members and stumbled upon this quilt/blanket. The end cinches up so I figure it could possibly be used as a warm weather top quilt. 21oz is probably a bit much for what you'd actually get but the $40 (after 20% off) price is tough to argue with.

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    Yeah, 21oz is 3-season down quilt weight.
    Still, for $40 it'd be hard to justify not grabbing it even with a 4 or 5 oz weight penalty.
    Trust nobody!

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    Too heavy for me.

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    I have one and love it. What are you going to do with it? If you're planning a 2 month hike, probably not a great idea. If you're doing weekend hikes, car camping, bike camping, or otherwise goofing off, it's great and the price is nice. Just don't get suckered in by REI's ridiculous, "OH MY GOD! IT'S ON SALE THIS WEEKEND ONLY! BUY IT OR YOU'RE A LOSER!!!!".

    I'm an REI member. For some things they're great, and I really wish there were one closer to me. However, even when they have stuff "on sale", they're just barely able to match the prices you can easily find elsewhere online.

    Thermarest Tech Blanket
    $40 - - ($48 for large)
    $40 - - ($50 for large)
    $40 - - ($48 for large)
    $47 -
    If you're looking for the LARGE version, the best price is $45 at

    Even the store usually isn't a flaming amazing deal. Their "Deal Of The Day" today is the Camelbak Montara for $23. You can buy it any day of the week for $25 from Once you add in the REI dividend, you usually end up saving a buck or two with REI. It's very rare that REI will have anything on sale at a low enough price that you should even consider buying it just because it's on sale. If you want/need the item, buy it. If you're thinking about buying it because it looks like a great deal that's too good to pass up, forget it.


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