Recently I posted this response about the dreaded calf pressure with gathered end hammocks:

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I have always had this problem, to a greater or lessor degree- with all hammocks except the JRB bridge, and the HH Safari.

But after removing the net on my HH UL Explorer, I have found yet another new trick. I get in on the right side above the foot end pull out. When I sit down during side/top entry, I pull the hammock edge just barely to my knees and push the remaining fabric away from me, smoothing it out with the other hand as I sit down. IOW, once I lay down, I am significantly more to the right side of the hammock than the left. When I lay down lateral and put my head left, my upper body is left of center and my butt and legs are right of center. Naturally, legs are normally always right of center. Butt is normally about center with bottom entry. But with entire lower body a bit right of the bottom entry, it puts my lower legs far enough away from the center ridge so as to negate virtually all leg pressure, after a little positioning for the sweet spot.............. But now having discovered this with my Explorer after removing the net, it now moves near the top of the list for lack of leg pressure, right behind the Safari and of course the bridge. Yay old faithful!

I am experimenting with variations of this technique with other hammocks, but no luck so far.
As much as I love the Bird overall, honestly I had no better results as far as leg pressure from the center ridge than with most of my gathered end hammocks, and not as good as some. I always have to have something under my knees.

So the other night I am testing my IX UQ after addition of IsulTubes, and I wanted to use my WBBB 1.7 dbl layer, even though my no net HH Explorer was plenty comfortable. I guess I was missing the shelf!

So, trying to use the above approach, but with sides reversed. Because I have to enter on the left side with the BB, instead on the RIGHT with my HH. So, as I am sitting down I pull a good bit more fabric than usual under my legs towards my knees, instead of very little fabric with the HH. So, when I lay down, I am now a fair bit closer to the right side "wall" than I had been normally. The switch to lateral and Bingo! After getting in and out several times, I would have to say there was little to no calf pressure after the usual positioning for sweet spot. I seem to be far enough right of the center ridge as to avoid the calf pressure. I slept the night with nothing under my legs, and apparently was just fine. I have tried it several more times for lounging with similar results. So, this may be the answer for me as far as my only complaint with the BB. Managing to NOT have leg pressure in the BB and not having to have something available to place under my knees. Yay! Now maybe I can more fully enjoy that wonderful upper body BB comfort!