Today I rigged up a new suspension with for my ENO Doublenest. We are expecting light rain tomorrow night so I figured I would work on an expedient tarp with my handy UGGI Poncho. Here is what I used-

50 feet of blaze orange parachute cord
4 feet of heavy duty elastic
4 tarp clips
4 tent stakes

First I put up my tarp line and secured it. Next I put the poncho on the line like a diamond to place an eyelet in line on each side of the line. Then I secured one end with a modified hangman noose using the left over from the original line. Then using another three foot piece of paracord I did the same on the other end and pulled it taught.

I then cut (4) four foot piece of paracord and tied it to the top of my tents stakes an then made a figure 8 knot on the other end making a loop. Then I cut (4) one foot pieces of elastic and tied it through the tarp clips. After affixing the tarp clips to the poncho I joined the elastic and paracord on the tent stakes and drove them into the ground. Done.

I was amazed with how easy this was to do and how much the poncho stretched. I don't want to hit any trails with the poncho, but I learned a lot and now I am looking for a proper tarp.- George