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    Peculiar Grommet Layout on the Chinook Tarps

    I know it would be best not to use the grommets at all on most any tarp, but I am curious as to why this company set them at some odd locations.

    I just purchased a Chinook sand colored 9.5 x 12 tarp instead of the green because heat absorption is an issue to me as sometimes temperatures can get fairly high where I am and I like this color more anyway.

    Anyway, back to the issue of the grommet locations. I wrote a letter to the company concerning this and I got back a Thank you for purchasing form letter with no explanation of the odd grommet and loop locations. Other than this issue, I do like the material and especially the price.

    Here is a small portion of that letter:

    I just recently purchased online one of your sand colored all purpose tarps at 12' x 9' 6" from a vendor called Sonoma Outfitters and I am wondering why the spacing of the grommets are so odd.

    From the tarp corner going lengthwise of what is supposed to be 12 feet of the nylon webbing guy loop stitching at the very corner (not from the end of the loop) to the first grommet it is 35 inches, the distance to the next grommet from that one is 50 inches, the from that one it is 57 inches to the other corner end with another nylon webbing guy loop.

    The 9' 6" end has a center grommet only from each corner web loop.

    There is only one web loop in the center seam and it is almost 50 inches in from the center grommet at the 9' 6" side.

    I have mostly used cheap poly rectangular tarps with evenly set grommets around the perimeter of the tarp. I can usually set these on the ground in about 5 or more different tent patterns in a very short amount of time.

    This tarp is a puzzle to me. I am new to catenary cuts of which this tarp only seems to be a rectangle with a mild curve edge cut.

    The single web loop in the center seam is not really in the center but only centered from one side.

    Should I forego my warranty and start sewing web loops on?

    If I do decide to sew web loops on, what would be the best way to re-waterproof at those locations, particularly if I sew in center areas or away from any edges?

    I like the color and the material but setup in hard winds has been hard for me with the existing loops and grommets. The most useful loops on this tarp are at the corners.

    The web loop in the offsided center does not seem to be that useful. It would be more useful if there were one or two more.

    I would appreciate any help or suggestions on the best ways to use this tarp.

    Thanks for reading this and please let me know if I am just looking at this problem with either a lack of knowledge (admitted ignorance ) or if I just need to make my own improvements to this product.

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    I use this exact same tarp (the green version) for my hammock, obviously, and only pitch it in the classic A frame configuration. On the center grommets on the short end, I just sewed on some webbing and ran it through the grommet hole. The area is already reinforced so that was the easiest thing for me to do. There is a picture showing this in my gallery.

    As for waterproofing the area after sewing, I just used a regular tent seam sealer as the coating on this tarp is polyurethane. No problems to report thus far.

    I agree that the grommet spacing on the 12' edge is a little odd in that it isn't symmetrical but so far that hasn't been a problem.

    There are other pictures of this tarp from "Randy" that show this tarp picture in "winter door" mode and it closes up nicely.



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    I think they're located for use in a variety of tarptent/bivy configuration. I remember seeing a picture somewhere showing a Chinook tarp set up in 5 or 6 different configurations, but I can't find it now.

    They're way too cheap to worry about the warranty.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Boris Losdindawoods View Post

    They're way too cheap to worry about the warranty.

    I agree. Fix that sucker so it meets your needs, and don't look back.

    "I dearly love the state of Texas, but I consider that a harmless perversion on my part, and discuss it only with consenting adults". Molly Ivins

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    Yep, A nice tarp, overall.
    Cut it up and enjoy it.
    We need pics of your mods to it...
    We are an inquiring group.

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