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Thread: Dang it!!

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    Dang it!!

    I got an e-mail from REI saying they had the HH exped and the Exped Zip on sale for 99.99. I drove over hoping to get the Zip model. Well they were sold out so I had to settle for the standard exped asymmetric. But why did I even buy another one. I have one barely slept in. I have this addiction bad.

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    hahahaha the price was so good...couldn't be passed up

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    REI Rainchecks

    REI will give you a raincheck on that HH Zip you wanted. Prepay, either at the store or online at, they will charge you the sale price and ship it free to your local store for pickup. You can also turn the non-zip you bought back in for full credit or full refund.
    REI will always order an item for you that's not at the local store, I've always had great customer service from them.

    REI's carrying of the HH's has brought a lot of people into hammock camping.
    Wish they'd carry the full HH line, and snakeskins, etc.

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