SnowWhite sent me a PM to let me know that her IX UQ for the Warbonnet Blackbird is working well! She told me it would be ok to post it here.

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Macentyre, I'm really loving this UQ! It's ranging from 38 to 62 degrees I think roughly. I'm amazed that I've never had any cold spots. ...I have yet to get warm enough to lose a layer, I might just try it tonight with one layer. I will also get an accurate list of the lows this week and experiment with layers. I will write something up and send it to you ... Thanks again MacEntyre, awesome quilt!
She did have one tiny problem:

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The one problem and I can't really call it a real problem is the strings attached to the two layers keep coming off. Like I said not really a problem...
I recommended changing the mason's cord ties for small gauge shock cord, which she did with good results.

Thank you, SnowWhite!

- MacEntyre