Over the past few chilly nites out in the hammock I have been experimenting with some small packages of hand warmers and body warmers that are available from Wal Mart. Take them out of the plastic package and expose them to the air and they heat up. I have found that they stay warm for up to 10 hours and have been using them at stratigic areas in my sleeping bag to stay warm. I am using a BYO hammock of 1.1 oz ripstop with a 3/8 inch Wal Mart blue closed foam pad under my sleeping bag ( 2.5 lb synthetic three season) and have been toasty down to 40F.

I am thinking of making a hooded top with zoned off areas that I can insert both wool strips cut from some old wool (Stanfield brand name) tops that I have and inserting a warm pouch for nite sleeping. Mabe be able to cut down on bulk and weight for winter hikes. The heat pouches cost 1.75 for a package of two and I am gladly paying that now per nite for a warm and lightweight sleep. Has anyone else tried this and if so what are the pros and cons of it?