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    New person from N. Virginia

    Greetings everyone. I started coming to this forum about a month ago and decided to join. I live in Northern Virginia in Bristow. I started hammock camping a few years back when I bought a HH Explorere Delux from a guy who hated the hammock(D.C. lawyer)while on a whitewater rafting trip. He said he couldnt stand having to crawl under the hammock to get in and he drug it ground all night (obvious city dwelling goofball since he couldnt figure out he set it up too low). He sold it to me for a HUGE discount. I left my 1 man tent in the truck and took the hammock since it fit in my drysac better. I worked rescue at Great Falls for a few summers when I was younger and knew a lot about lashing and knots and other than being a little out of level, was one of the best nighs camping I had in a long time(picture on sac is horrible for insctructions). Now my wife and 3 sons, (twins @ 7 and youngest is 4. The whole family now wants one. I have been looking for a local place to get 1.9oz nylon so I can start building a Cocoon family.
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    Welcome to HF Thomas. Love the lawyer story!!!!!!
    Par Si Vis Pace Para Bellum

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