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    Quote Originally Posted by Chocolatier View Post
    Awoke at 5AM to a pretty sunrise and the expected feathered symphony, relaxed in the hammock until 7, breakfasted on authentic hot chocolate (chopped 72% Venezuelan cacao with a bit of milk powder added in), broke camp, and made a leisurely stroll back to Hanover.
    I want to start hanging with you!

    You bring the chocolate...I'll bring the German smoked meats.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knotty View Post
    I want to start hanging with you!

    You bring the chocolate...I'll bring the German smoked meats.
    I'm good with German smoked meats!

    Returned last night from 10 days sectioning the bottom third of the Long Trail. Have to get my brain around a 50 person chocolate tasting for Wednesday evening, prepare for next week's flight to Italy, and *then* post our trip report.

    Yes, I took lots of pictures (including the cool hang in the loft of the Stratton Pond shelter--but don't tell Meredith, the caretaker!)

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