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    Exclamation Using blankets with pads, suggestions?

    Hi guys

    I've been looking at various threads and have done a bit of research on this topic already but I've still got questions. My apologies if these questions are similar to others...

    My WBBB double 1.7 is going to arrive some time soon (OH GOD WHEN?!?!) and I'm preparing for my first ever nights hanging! I don't have an underquilt just yet, those things are damned expensive!

    So I figure I'll try to use the equipment I already have: an exped sim light full length but mummy shape, and a blue and grey 1/2" ccf pad. I recently bought another blue ccf pad that's much thinner with the idea of chopping it up in case my shoulders get cold. My sleeping bag is rated down to -5C supposedly (25F) and has served me very well so far on cold nights on the ground.

    The trouble is that the weather is quickly progressing towards winter which in Victorian bushland means around 0-4C or 30-40F or on a particularly cold, below zero. Would a fleece or wool blanket underneath the CCF pad add warmth or will the compression render it useless? Also would tying the blanket up underneath the hammock entirely (like a make-shift UQ) work better than in between the WBBB layers or maybe in with me below my sleeping bag?

    Weight won't be a problem for the time being as I'm car camping.

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    Fleece and wool are not compressible, at least not in the sense that down is, so, yes, a blanket will extend the comfort range of your ccf pad.

    Ccf is a vapor barrier, and some people find them clammy, even wake up with pools of sweat between them and the pad. Putting the blanket between you and the pad seems to mitigate that.

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    When I first got my WBBB double, I used one of the cheap Thermarest roll foam pads that I paid $18 for a few years back. I think they are around $25+ here in the states. I added on top of that a very cheap $10, 40 degree sleeping bag from Walmart. Of course, it is very bulky and a little heavy, but it was surprisingly comfortable. The pad protects the back and rear, and the sleeping bag adds comfort around the shoulders and legs and provides some padding on top of the pad. I think because, like wool, the cheapo sleeping bags don't compress well, they actually work well in this situation. For my top quilt, I used a Marmot Trestles sleeping bag I had bought for my son. It has dial zippers, and can be opened similar to a top quilt.

    I bought an UQ and love it. It definitely adds to the comfort level and eliminates a ton of weight and bulk, but you surely don't have to have it.


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