Hey there
This is my first time on a site like this but I like what it offers.
I am a firefighter on a Hotshot crew in Colorado who spends the better part of the summer sleeping on the ground. Last summer I had the idea to bring my ENO single nest in tow and decided to try sleeping in it... Worked so well (when I had a couple of trees to string it up to) that I fell in love with the whole concept. I can say that I have spent many a night sleeping tight in that thing.
This summer I decided to bump things up a bit and invest in the WBBB 1.1 and all the other goodies (OES, JRB quilt, etc.)(and all with advice from this site).
For me, the advantages to these hammocks are ease of use, speed of deployment and break down, and of course... it beats sleeping on the ground every night! There are several members of the crew very interested after seeing my set up. Its so compact that my travel bag weighs next to nothing.

Well, time to grab a Guiness and get off this computer, but if there are any other professionals who use their hammocks in their work, I'd love to hear about it...

Take 'er easy