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    Sleeping bag/DAM slips around


    I just bought my first Hammock tent, a HH asym, and I tested it out in my garage using my sleeping system (Big anges bag with down air mattress inserted into the bag sleeve). I notice that it is very difficult to get the bag and mattress to lay in the assymetrically correct position. It slips and tends to fall into the midline of the tent. Overall, very awkward to get into and onto the sleeping system. I notice that these issues are not present when using a more traditional symetrical (TreeHugger) hammock.

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    I'll guess that the problem might be the DAM -- have you tried inflating it less so that it conforms more to the hammock? I use a Ridgerest with a BA Mystic in a Hennessey Asym without problems.

    The trick to getting into the bag is to position it open (you've got a left zip, correct?) where you want it to wind up while you stand in the opening, then turn around and sit right in the middle of it, pick up feet and rotate into bag/onto pad as you lie down.

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