First, "dobry den" is Czech for "what's up?" (also, hello, good day, etc. etc). Now, I'm not Czech or even close to it, but I had to stand out from all the posts starting with "Hello..."

Secondly, hello from NC! I'm a 22yr old NCSU student, and I've always been a big fan of the outdoors: camping, canoeing, fishing, etc. I have been telling myself and my friends for the last 2 years that I was getting a jungle hammock for the sheer badassery that would follow. However, this is not how I started hanging.

Last summer (2009) I was fortunate enough to participate in a study abroad trip to Prague, Czech Republic and while I was there I got to travel throughout the EU for fairly cheap. One place I could not pass up was Amsterdam. Here I made my first hammock purchase from "Maranon." If anyone has been, you probably know exactly what store I'm talking about (the hammock store, aka heaven )

I finally got around to hanging my hammock up after exams this past semester, and for the past two weeks I have been sleeping in it on and off (experimenting while doubly straining my back). I am finally comfortable enough to sleep a full night in it without hurting my back!
FYI, it is a "Mexico" hammock ( which I believe is comparable to these: mexican, yucatan, brazilian...etc. and I installed it in my bedroom.

What led me to these forums?
As I mentioned I am an outdoor enthusiast, and after being convinced with my current setup, I went down to the military surplus store and snagged a GI jungle hammock. Needless to say, it didn't work out. Mainly because it was too small and I am too big (or too long), but also because the "protection" it offered was suspect. So I returned this and justified picking up a Hennessy Hammock Expedition at REI for $100 (on sale). Now, I'm here to learn "the tricks of the trade."