Hey guys & gals,

geared up for my 5 day trip on the AT Starting Sunday 5/30/10 ending 6/4/10. Going 30 miles from NY 17A to Bear Mountain Inn.

Figured I would do a soup to nuts video series starting from what I was wearing, to what I have in my pack, to actually how I pack it in the ULA Circuit.... right down to weighing the pack.

I've made references to a bunch of cottage industries I will be providing links in the youtube videos just give me some time. Took me 7 hours to process the videos and to put them on the net.

Of course I will be video taping my trip as well.

Hope you enjoy,

Part 1 (Clothing Worn):


Part 2 (Backpack, sleep system, extra clothes):


Part 3 (Water, Cook Kit, Food):


Part 4 (Rain Gear & Misc Gear):


Part 5 (Misc Gear & Packing the pack):


Part 6 (Finished packing and weighing the gear):


Hope you guys enjoy..... The trail is callin