As we talked about in this thread 2Q & ZQ had planned their "vacation" to be in NC to take opportunity to help out a struggling brother (me) w/ furnace issues. That's 2Q's line of work.

Unfortunately, Tim & Donna (2Q & ZQ) had to head out from Pilot Mt State Park sooner than planned. More about that in a minute.

First just let me say that I am truly inspired & encouraged by the genuine care & willingness to give of themselves that I experienced w/ this couple's visit!
I can't say enough about the sincere desire to do what they can to help out & do right by others, even though their resources may be humble.
No wonder we keep hearing so many praises for the modification work they do on hammocks!

The reason they left early was that there was a break in the water pipe coming from the water storage tanks that are higher up on the mountain, above the campground.
They were not able to locate & fix the break so they had lost almost all their water (a lot of water!). Because of this they had to shut off the electricity going to the campground.
That left them w/ a bad situation for all those campers... no power, but worse yet, no water. So they had the difficult job of informing everyone in the campground (that was full or close to it) that they would have to pack up & be out by 8pm. This was about 6pm maybe.

So I helped 2Q & ZQ pack up the little car (which was like packing sardines in a can BTW).

The Park workers were trying to find out about near by campgrounds & hotels & let people know, bu it sounded like most were full.

2Q ZQ decided that rather than pack up camp & reset it, they would just head back toward home (Pennsylvania).
Tim just called & said they got a room in VA so they could rest, enjoy the eve, & head out tomorrow.

But before they left they were able to do most of what they hoped to do.
On Thurs, 2Q &ZQ came by my place to visit & give 2Q a chance to do some diagnostics on the ol furnace.
2Q came back Fri morn & we worked on a number of issues that could very likely be the problem w/ the furnace.
So now we believe this fall, she'll be OK!!!

We went to MacEntyre's for supper Fri eve.
Then both MacEntyre & I joined them at their campsite Sat afternoon. 2Q, MacEntyre & I took a hike around the knob of Pilot Knob, then hiked back down a trail leading to the campground.

Just after Mac left, we got the news about the water break & the need to vacate
I sure was sorry for that, but all in all, it was a great weekend! I just wish it could have lasted longer.