Hy there

I put an UP to this thread for I am too looking for some device to solve the unmanned hammock issue"
I too have googled it with no result
The only patents I found don't seem to be very efficient, because they don't consider the part of non-linearity and resonance this kind of motion involves

ex here or here

I guess those two devices, would quickly go to an erratic motion
So we need some electronical part within the device that "reads" the movment...

I assume one time the motion is initialized, the force to maintain it would be quite weak. For my part the knowing of this force would be a first step.
So my questions :

Is there any physic specialist to give me a clear (and easy to understand !) equation that consider the different parameters that play in a hammock swing ?

What would be the minimal strengh we need to apply ?

Would a 12V device be powefull enough to fullfill this ?

Those essential questions would determinate if I go further in this Great Quest : the quest for the release of the laziest hammockers all over the world !!!

see you