I found this place through BWCA.com forums. I'm a long time canoer and tenter. I am getting myself slowly set up for doing ultralight trips. I alway hear that once someone uses a hammock they don't go back to tenting. It looks like a fun option.

I've been browsing the DIY section and have found some nice hammocks I'd like to attempt. I also watched a few vids on youtube. I am planning to do a A-sym hammock design with bug net(probably velcro connection). I's still quite new at this and even though I've pieced together some necessary info to make one, I haven't found a dedicated thread to building one with a good materials list.

Here's what I've found so far:
If you have better materials, a better source, or a way to save money please clue me in!

3-4 yds of 1.9oz ripstop
used parachute from sportsmans guide another possibility?
Walmart material(are they OK or should I look elsewhere for higher quality?)

whipping line
-gutted paracord

whoopie sling sus. line
-7/64 or 1/8" Samson amsteel blue dyneema single braid (????source????)
Structural ridgeline

-Samson 2.2mm Zing-it dyneema (???source??)

On the cheap is best for me, and local is better than ordering as I have to make my hammock within the next 2 weeks before the boundary waters trip. If you can steer me in the right direction I'd appreciate it.