So I recently put woopie slings on my hammock, got some tree straps and toggles. I had the chance to actually try out the woopie slings to day and I found them to have a much different hang then the stock webbing. Well the first problem was when I got in for the first time and I feel flat on my kiester . Not sure what happned but every thing including me was ok. Im just happy my dog wasent underneath me . As I adjusted tree width, angle and sag I just couldent quite get the same comfortablity I had with the stock webbing. Has any one else had this experience or like every thing else do woopie slings have a different learning curve then stock webbing. I like the woopies and straps much less bulk so I dont want to switch back but I dont want to scrafice comfort either. Ill try again tommrow mabey you fine guys and gals have some advice for me.

P.S. the one rule and best rule that ive learned here on HF which Im glad I followed today was never hang higher then your willing to fall