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    Sorry to confuse peole but to clarify. the woopie sling it self dident fail, I did lol (at hanging sussfully at least this time). WV made them for me at the Fall MAHA and they are solid. I did something wrong where my woopie slipped off the marlin spike hitch or something like that. All I know is I fell. It just seemed like I couldent get the angle quite right and my left leg felt like it was hyper extending a bit. I have off of work tommrow so you all know where ill be playing between the trees tweeking the system. Just shareing food for thought and seeing what people have to say. Its always so helpful...And what is meant by makeing sure they are not backwards...I dont think their backwards?
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    Glad you weren't hurt, and that nothing broke! I was there watching WV make them with you, and they are not backward's! You mention that it slipped off the marlin spike!?!? One question, did you have the marlin tied correctly? I only ask this as the first time I tied mine I wasn't paying attention and tied it wrong, then "WHAM" on the ground I went!!! Did your toggle slip out? Also make sure you have the whoopie positioned right on the knot I was setting mine up the other day and it slipped off the knot cause of a gust of wind, glad I caught it before getting in the hammock, that would have been a fun ride!?!?
    I'm sure you will get it figured out!!!

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